Quiet the chaos Construct the future

A simple approach to advance your critical thinking with complex concussion patients.

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A self-paced course for clinicians

This course provides a systematic approach in explaining, assessing and guiding patients with persistent concussion symptoms in a clinical and functional manor. For clinicians of all levels including physiotherapists, chiropractors, kinesiologists, occupational therapists, and more.

Feel confident...

navigating an acute versus complex concussion patient in rehab

Get clarity on...

a step-by-step process for assessing the sub-domains of a concussion


how to calm patient symptoms and progress them through treatment 

You'll learn how to:

  • Explain a concussion clearly to a patient and their family
  • Confidently answer common questions posed by concussion patients
  • Relax the visual system and challenge each sub-domain during rehab
  • Navigate through a patient symptom problem list
  • Guide a patient through early, middle, late, and return-to-life rehab stages
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What can you expect from the course?

This comprehensive course includes over 6 hours of video training.

7 Modules

In-depth modules cover every challenge you'll encounter with a persistent concussion patient.

23 Lessons

Modules are broken into bite-sized lessons that cover key learnings and best practices in assessment and treatment.

Bonus Resources

Unlock actionable material for your patient covering symptom management, visual relaxation and exercise guidelines.

Self-Paced Course


one-time payment

  • 6 hours of video training
  • 23 lessons across 7 modules
  • Bonus materials and patient resources
  • PDF of research papers
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Learn at your own pace with 365 days of access


Get full access to all modules and lessons for one year so you can learn how you like, when you like. Review material any time you need a refresher when treating new patients.

Free Symptom Management Handout

Use this helpful handout to educate patients on symptom management and brain break ideas.

Take a peek inside the course curriculum

Module 1

Introduction to Concussion

Module 2

Build Your Understanding

Module 3

Gather the Information

Module 4

Critical Thinking Through Objective Findings

Module 5

Quiet the Chaos

Module 6

Construct the Future

Module 7

Summary of Learnings

Meet Your Instructor 

Kosta Ikonomou

Kosta is a clinical specialist physiotherapist with over a decade of experience in sports medicine and concussion. He has worked in acute neuro hospitals and specialized concussion clinics, treating persistent symptoms. In sports, Kosta collaborated with Chelsea Football Club Academy, Olympic GB diving, Vancouver Bandits Basketball (CEBL), CIS rugby, and ice hockey teams.

Beyond a Physiotherapy degree, Kosta holds a Master's in Sports Medicine from University College London, a FIFA Sports Medicine Diploma, and certifications in Vestibular Rehabilitation and visual-vestibular postgraduate training for concussion rehabilitation from Duke University. His research findings on the effects of fatigue on the vestibular oculomotor screen was presented at BASEM in Leeds in 2018 and the 2023 Concussion Consensus statement in Amsterdam.

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